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February 7, 2017

Minimally Invasive Spinal Procedure Now Offered in Greater New Orleans

Paradigm Health System offers alternatives to traditional “open-back” surgery

Back pain is considered an epidemic in the U.S. More than 65 million Americans suffer from back pain annually. While some types of pain may respond to non-surgical treatment, some of the more severe cases require surgery.  Traditionally, back pain is treated using “open-back” surgery, which is extremely invasive and requires lengthy recovery periods. The physicians at Paradigm Health System are please to be able to offer an alternative solution known as Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery (MISS).

“MISS is changing the way we look at spine surgery,” explains Dr. Lucius Craig, III, Orthopedic Spine Surgeon at Paradigm Health System. “Long hospital stays, year-long recovery periods and heavy scarring have all been replaced by a simple outpatient procedure with minimal recovery time and a quarter-sized scar!”

MISS offers the additional benefit of minimal disruption to the patient’s muscle and surrounding tissue. According to clinical results, 95% of patients reported no or minimal intermittent discomfort. Their average return to work was 14.6 days following surgery. As opposed to the long incision required by conventional spine surgery, MISS uses a thin, scope-like microscope, which is inserted through a small incision. The surgeon uses this microscope to look through a small tube during the procedure. Small surgical instruments are then passed through one or more additional half-inch incisions, which are easily closed with sutures and covered with surgical tape following the procedure. After a few months, any scarring is barely visible.

“MISS does require specific and extensive training in order to become accomplished in its use,” explains Dr. Craig, who has extensive clinical experience with MISS procedures and other pain management techniques.

Kevin Schneider, CEO of Paradigm Health System, says their mission is to “provide an extraordinary care experience to every patient. Paradigm takes a multi-disciplinary approach to patient care. Our experienced, fellowship-trained spine and intervention pain physicians employ the most advanced techniques and procedures to help patients overcome pain and return to work and daily activities.”

The experienced pain management specialists at Paradigm Spine Care provide comprehensive evaluation & treatment to help patients achieve active, pain-free lifestyles. As southeast Louisiana’s preeminent provider of advanced care for brain, spine and orthopedic conditions, our specialists employ the most advanced techniques and procedures. Our multi-disciplined team treats a variety of neurologic, orthopedic and chronic pain conditions such as stroke, brain aneurysm, arthritis, tumors, movement disorders, head trauma, sports injuries and spinal conditions.  For more information, call Paradigm Health System at (985) 882-4500 or

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